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2 x Shoe Tree Stretchers Expander Shaper Shoes Stretch Widener Extender

2 x Shoe Tree Stretchers Expander Shaper Shoes Stretch Widener Extender

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Get Shoe Stretchers, get comfort. Best shoes, for best life.

Shoe stretcher stretches length and width of shoes for a comfy custom fit.

Our shoe expander is made of premium plastic and metal material, along with 8 pressure relief plugs and 2 height pads that target tight or painful areas caused by blisters, corns, or bunions.



  • Our shoe widener stretcher is designed to lengthen or widen shoes that pinch when tight and feel uncomfortable. The shoe stretcher can stretch both length and width ways simultaneously. The shoes stretcher also has specific solutions for reducing pressure from bunions, corns, and enlarged joints in the form of bunion plugs and height pads for enlarging insteps.

  • Shoe stretchers for men and women, size: UK: 6-11. Fully open and stretched size 40cm x 12.5cm (15.7 in x 4.9 in). Closed and retracted size 43.5cm x 9cm (17.1 in x 3.5 in). Weight 964g (34oz)

  • The shoe stretch comes with 8 x bunion plugs 3cm x 1.7cm (1.2in x 0.7in) which fit into holes on the sides of the stretcher and 2 x height pads 5.5cm x 5cm x 2.5 (2.16in x 2in x 1in). The shoe extender also comes with a drawstring carry bag for storage and travel

  • Our shoe tree stretcher is suitable for most shoes, but not suitable for ankle boots or tall boots. The shoe widener is easily extended by turning the length screw or turning the j shaped crank to expand the width. Ideally stretch the shoe a little bit at a time over a 24-to-48-hour period until you have the desired fit and comfort.


Color: Yellow & Black
Shoe Tree Material: Plastic
Type: Shoe/ Boot Trees


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ollie. R
A very helpful tool

This is very helpful tool, I have purchased two pairs of shoes size 10UK while my foot size is 10.5 and I was very disappointed that both of them are tight. With this stretcher they are now very comfortable and can be worn again instead being useless.

J. Julia
Good for minor adjustments as well as big ones

These are great have used them several times now. You just hook them up and then leave it for a couple of days. Maybe take up the slack every now and then if you're looking for a big stretch. But also good for minor adjustments like these sandals that are just little bit too narrow across the front

June. B
Great product

I used these shoe stretchers with stretcher spray and they worked. I used them on my leather flat shoes which needed stretching widthways. They were also tight across the top, so I used the plastic disk (sorry not sure what it's called.) and pushed it down the front. My shoes fit great. I have very wide size 7 feet and always have a problem with my shoes. I will now be using this on some of my other shoes. I bought the size 7 stretcher, don't be tempted to go a size bigger they won't fit.
I would recommend.

R. Kidd
They are so good especially when your disabled like me

I brought these as I have to widen my shoes as I have a bunion and I'm disabled so they are very useful to get my shoes to the right shape for me they are very good and just what I needed I am very happy with them as i did not know you could get these with the extra pieces for bunions and you get a bag to put them in so no losing any bits. Thankyou so much

M. pownall
Worth every penny it's doing the job I expected it to do quite sturdy.

My shoes was a little tight and the show stretcher really help to sort out the problem another show save from being tossed aside don't get me wrong it is my size but some show shop sizes are a little different and because I walked outside with them there was no way that I could send it back.

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